Live Sound

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A successful live event or concert requires great quality sound.  David can provide a comprehensive range of professional live audio production services, tailored to meet your individual requirements.
  • 8 years of professional experience as a FOH/monitor engineer
  • Worked with several hundred clients  pop/rock to jazz and hip hop.
  • Worked in a range of environments, from small venues/ corporate events to outdoor festivals and nationwide tours.
  • Experienced with a wide range of analogue and digital desks (Yamaha LS9, Soundcraft SI series etc..)
  • Currently resident at Twa Tams, Perth and freelance for Perthshire Sound and LightDoune the Rabbit Hole festival and many more.

Previous clients include:

The Hazey Janes, Malcolm Middleton, Aidan Moffat/Bill Wells, Terry EvansIan McNabb, King Creosote, Ian Prowse, Ross Ainslie, Paul Rose, Randy Jacobs, David Wax Museum, Findlay Napier and the Bar Room Mountaineers

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